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Mark Osteen

Mark OsteenII one of usIn 1991, Mark Osteen and his wife, Leslie, were struggling to understand why their son, Cameron, was so different from other kids. In a powerful, deeply personal narrative, Osteen recounts the struggles he and Leslie endured in diagnosing, treating, and understanding Cam's disability -- autism. He chronicles the experience of raising Cam, whose autism causes him aggression, insomnia, compulsions, and physical sickness. One of Us is not a book about a child who overcomes autism; rather, it's the story of the triumph of love over tremendous adversity.

Since 1988 Mark Osteen has taught at Loyola University Maryland, where he is Professor of English and Director of Film Studies. He has written or edited eight books, including American Magic and Dread: Don DeLillo's Dialogue with Culture. A professional musician, Osteen performs regularly in the Baltimore-Washington area with Cold Spring Jazz Quartet. He also serves as president of the Baltimore Jazz Alliance.

Recorded On: Tuesday, April 05, 2011

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