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Lynne Olson

Citizen of London IILynne OlsonCitizens of London is the behind-the-scenes story of how the United States forged its wartime alliance with Britain, told from the perspective of three key American players in London: Edward R. Murrow, Averell Harriman, and John Gilbert Winant. Drawing from a variety of primary sources, Lynne Olson skillfully depicts the dramatic personal journeys of these men who, determined to save Britain from Hitler, helped convince a cautious Franklin Roosevelt and a reluctant American public to support the British at a critical time. Murrow, Harriman, and Winant formed close ties with Winston Churchill and were drawn into Churchill's official and personal circles.

Lynne Olson, a former Moscow correspondent for the Associated Press and White House correspondent for the Baltimore Sun, is the author of Troublesome Young Men and Freedom's Daughters. She co-authored, with her husband Stanley Cloud, A Question of Honor and The Murrow Boys.

Recorded On: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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