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Wendy Kopp

Wendy Koppa chance to make history IIn A Chance to Make History, Wendy Kopp shares what she has learned in her 20 years at the center of a growing movement to end educational inequity in America.

Kopp shows that we can provide children in low income urban and rural communities with an education that transforms their life prospects, if we engage in the hard work required to achieve extraordinary outcomes in any endeavor -- establishing ambitious visions for success; developing capable teams to pursue the vision; building strong cultures of achievement and management systems that foster continuous improvement; and above all, doing whatever it takes to achieve the desired outcomes.

Offering insights and recommendations that may surprise Teach For America's champions and critics alike, A Chance to Make History sets forth what it will take to "scale up" the growing number of examples of education trumping poverty.

Presented in partnership with Teach For America Baltimore. All author proceeds from the book will support Teach For America corps members in urban and rural communities.


Recorded On: Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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