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McKay Jenkins

Mckay Jenkins What's happen to us Writers LiveA few years ago, journalist McKay Jenkins had surgery for a baseball-sized tumor in his abdomen. Before the operation, researchers asked him about his exposure to toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, weed killers, glues, dry cleaning fluids, and plastic meat wraps. He realized he had no idea what he was inadvertently absorbing every day and set out to find out.

In What's Gotten Into Us?, Jenkins looks at the dangers of the chemicals present in our daily lives, the way everyday things may be making us sick, and how we can protect ourselves by making wiser, healthier choices.

McKay Jenkins is the Tilgman Professor of English and Director of Journalism at the University of Delaware. His previous books include: The Last Ridge, The White Death, and Bloody Falls of the Coppermine.


Recorded On: Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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