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Invasion of the Flying Saucers: Washington, DC 1952

Flying SaucerIn 1952, the skies over Washington, D.C. were saturated with flying saucers. Aerial dog fights between United States Air Force pilots and these unknown invaders were tracked by commercial and military radar. While the nation's capital was held in thrall by these nighttime activities, the highest levels of the government were involved in covering it up. Or so the conspiracy theorists and UFOlogists would have you believe. Can we look back over the intervening years and discover what happened? Is the veil of secrecy too thick and strong to penetrate?

Bruce Press is the chair of the Independent Investigations Group of Washington, D.C., an affiliate of the Center for Inquiry. He is also a member of the National Capital Area Skeptics. His background as an engineer and photographer aid in his extracurricular interests investigating strange phenomena on a foundation of reason and scientific skepticism.


Recorded On: Saturday, March 02, 2013

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