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CityLit Festival - Two In One: Fiction With Jen Michalski And Terese Svoboda

Jen Michalski & Terese SvobodaCityLit Festival

Jen Michalski is author of the novel The Tide King, winner of the 2012 Big Moose Prize, the short story collections From Hereand Close Encounters, and the novella collection Could You Be With Her Now. She is the founding editor of the literary quarterly jmww, a co-host of The 510 Readings and the biannual Lit Show, and interviews writers at The Nervous Breakdown. She also is the editor of the anthology City Sages: Baltimore, which Baltimore magazine called a "Best of Baltimore" in 2010. Her book featuring two novellas includes “I Can Make It to California Before It’s Time for Dinner,” which explores the dangers of living in a world while having a compromised reality, and “May-September,” which tells the story of a young writer is hired by a much-older woman over the summer to help blog her memoirs for her grandchildren.

Terese Svoboda’s Tin God contains two distinct stories told in intertwining chapters connected by setting and other elements that emerge by the novel’s end. One story involves a Spanish conquistador who has fallen from his horse and finds himself alone in an expanse of lush grass so high he cannot find his way out. The other features a guy named Pork who is searching for the brick of cocaine his buddy Jim threw into a sorghum field when their car was being chased by police. Svoboda’s writing has appeared in Paris ReviewThe New YorkerTLSNarrative Magazine, and other publications. She the author of five volumes of poetry and four novels, including Tin God originally published in 2006 and just released in paperback.

CityLit Festival was made possible in part by the generous support of the following: Art Works - Maryland State Arts Council - Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts - Baltimore Community Foundation

Recorded On: Saturday, April 13, 2013

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