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Ronald M. Shapiro

Ronald M. Shapiro

In his stunning forty-year career as a premier negotiator in the worlds of law, sports, business, and politics, Ron Shapiro has found that if there is a single key to a successful outcome, it is also the one we most often fail to turn. Because whether you are making a budget request, interviewing for a job, selling but holding your price, ending a relationship, or talking to children about divorce, success in those and other crucial situations lies in thoroughly planned, highly effective communication, and many of us just prefer to wing it.

In Perfecting Your Pitch, Shapiro shows us why we need to stop winging it, if we want to start maximizing any message, with his system of scripting, outlined efficiently as the Three Ds: “Draft, Devil’s Advocate, Deliver.”

"Advice from Ron Shapiro is money in the bank. If you want to learn how to deal with life and business communication challenges, then Perfecting Your Pitch is a must read." Ann Curry, NBC News National and International Correspondent and Anchor at Large

Recorded On: Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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